Cultural theme park Hoi An Impression

As the first themed cultural park in Vietnam, Hoi An Impression Theme Park employs diversity in architecture and artistry, reflecting the vibrant life of a bustling international port in the 16th and 17th centuries. Drawing inspiration from the architecture and cultural-historical tales of Hoi An, Hoi An Impression Theme Park vividly re-creates the bustling portrait of Faifo trading port in the midst of the 16th-17th centuries. When visiting Impressions of Hoi An Theme Park, travellers are not only captivated by the cultural ambiance within each zone: Vietnamese Village, Japanese Village, Chinese Village, or the Thien Duc Spiritual Area, but also enthralled by lively interactive mini-shows, offering a closer glimpse into the life, people, and culture of Hoi An during its glorious past.

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Hoi An Impression Theme Park Entrance gate

The gate was built in the style of Thanh Chiem Palace, the place marking the development of Dang Trong in Tien Nguyen Hoang dynasty. Tourists coming to the park will first pass the entry gate to arrive in the historical atmosphere dating back to the time when Tien Lord established the region, building up a prosperous Hoi An.

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Welcome visitors from all over to Hoi An Impressive Cultural Theme Park with a performance recreating the prosperous trading port of the past through folk songs, shouting, and bustling trading scenes between merchants. coming from all over the world.

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